Rep. McClintock’s first bill moves closer to becoming law after approved by the Senate

Rep. Stephanie McClintock’s first bill, to help improve the business licensing process in Washington, is one step closer to reaching the governor’s desk, after being voted out of the state Senate.

The Senate unanimously passed House Bill 1301 on Thursday. The bill would direct the Department of Licensing (DOL) to review and analyze 10% of professional licenses each year.

The DOL would also be required to submit an annual report to the Legislature with recommendations on whether the reviewed professional licenses should be terminated, continued, or modified, to streamline the licensing process and use tax dollars more efficiently.

“This policy helps prioritize getting people into the workforce and makes the licensing process less cumbersome, which should be the goal of the Department of Licensing,” said McClintock, R-Vancouver. “I’m happy to see this bill passed out of the Senate and I look forward to it becoming law.

“We need to make sure the licensing process and government regulations don’t act as roadblocks for people looking to work or expanding their opportunities for advancement. This bipartisan policy makes sense, and it will serve the people of Washington looking to advance their careers.”

The DOL would also have to complete a review of all professional licenses within ten years, and every ten years after that. Additionally, the Legislature could request the DOL to further analyze whether a profession’s licensing regulations meet the state’s licensing reform policies and recommend a course of action that is directly related to the need, and consistent with the safety, and welfare of the public.

Because the Senate made minor amendments to the bill, the House must approve the changes before it heads to the governor’s desk.

The 105-day session is scheduled to end on April 23.


Washington State House Republican Communications